Wednesday, January 20, 2010


numbers station recordings is extremely pleased to be releasing "majical cloudz", a 50-minute cassette recorded by devon welsh (of the pop winds) and matthew duffy & friends; including actor Ken Welsh on trumpet and flute, most famously known for his portrayal of the character Windom Earle in David Lynch's Twin Peaks. It is just under an hour of dream pop, ambient new age, acoustic spacerock haze.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED if you like flying saucer attack, mazzy star, spacemen 3, lustmord, or smoking lots of pot.

audio samples:

Majical Cloudz I (Recontextualized Deterritorialized Jingle) by numbers-station-tapes

19 Never Better (Address) by numbers-station-tapes

it will be released on numbers station in february of this year and will be limited to 30, so look out for more details and order info as it comes on this blog within the next couple weeks.